Stitch Fix Commercial Actress

Personal styling company Stitch Fix has released a new ad, aimed at highlighting that your personal style is personal for Stitch Fix, too.

The 60-second ad features several people who wear clothing items sent over by Stitch Fix, for various moments of their lives. A young woman named Molly is rocking a new pair of jeans for a big night out with her closest friends, John got dressed for a first date, a little girl got dressed for her Big Spaceship mission, Matteo and Kevin got dressed for their Sunday ritual, Caroline got dressed to entertain her favorite people, and Sasha got dressed to crush her job interview.

“Other 325 million other Americans got dressed for 325 million other personal moments. That’s why at Stitch Fix, we don’t just see your size, your style, we see you,” the voiceover adds at the end of the commercial, which also sees the company’s tagline, “Personal Styling for Everybody,” flashing across the screen.

With Stitch Fix, customers first take a style quiz and set the price range that suits their lifestyle, then get a box containing five clothing and accessories items delivered to their address, with the possibility to return the items they don’t like or want. The box contains personalized pieces hand-selected for their individual style and unique size, as well as a personalized card from the stylist that chooses the respective pieces.

There is a $20 styling fee that applies for each shipment, which is credited toward anything the customer keeps.

Shipping and returns are free and easy, as a prepaid envelope is always included. The company also gives its customers the chance to schedule on their terms – they can either sign up for automatic deliveries or schedule on demand (there is no subscription required).

The company makes unique and personal selections by combining data and machine learning with expert human judgment in order to meet the real needs of its customers. According to the Stitch Fix’s CEO, more than 80 data scientists, the majority of whom have PhDs in quantitative fields such as math, neuroscience, statistics, and astrophysics, are employed to build the company’s algorithms around its clients and their needs. The company even has an in-house clothing brand called Hybrid Designs, which includes 29 apparel items for women and plus sizes.

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