Slendertone Advert Girls

Slendertone presents the Slendertone as “your Personal Body Toner” in a new ad.

“Toning up doesn’t have to be a struggle,” the voiceover says at the beginning of the 30-second spot as a young woman is putting on some jeans and is looking at her body in the mirror, unsatisfied with what she sees. The voiceover then introduces Slendertone, “your Personal Body Toner who firms and tones your abs and helps shape your waistline,” “a body toner that easily fits in with your lifestyle, so you can tone at home, at work, or simply relaxing”.

The ad also informs that the product was clinically proven with results from 4 weeks and concludes with the voiceover urging viewers to “look and feel amazing”.

The world leader in EMS body toning technology launched “Your Personal Body Toner” global TV campaign earlier this year, in January. Trudy Bellinger created and directed the ad, which went live on TV and Digital in January.

Slendertone products are designed, manufactured and marketed by BMR (Bio-Medical Research) Ltd, a private Irish company, based in Galway in the West of Ireland, with offices and employees around the world. Information on how Slendertone works, on the results, reviews, as well as the entire range of products are available on their website.

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