Secret Commercial - Actress Camila Mendes

Secret has teamed up with Camila Mendes to launch its new premium antiperspirant product – Secret with Essential Oils.

The partnership, which celebrates “the duality of modern women, championing those who embody strength and beauty, no sweat,” resulted in a 30-second ad featuring the actress clad in a long marine dress as she uses the new antiperspirant with essential oils during a break from her photoshoot, when she’s also treating herself with a slice of pizza.

“Ok, girl, you got this. No one’s gonna see you sweat. You can be feminine and fierce. Low key and all done out. You don’t have to settle playing just one role,” the voiceover says on the commercial.

The product, crafted free of parabens and dyes and featuring a rigorously-tested formula, created with essential oils derived from the roots, stems and flowers of plants that are extracted through cold pressing and steam distillation, is debuting with four premium fragrances – Coconut Oil + Mandarin, Lavender + Eucalyptus, Rose + Charcoal, and Cedarwood + Citrus.

Secret with Essential Oils is available exclusively at Target in the invisible solid form. The suggested retail price (SRP) is $11.99 (2.6 oz.). The collection will see a broader national rollout in 2020.

“With the launch of Secret with Essential Oils – a true game-changer in its unique blend of strength and beauty – it was critical for us to find a partner who was just as multi-faceted,” said Sara Saunders, Associate Brand Director, Secret, in a press statement, adding that “Camila is as fierce as she is feminine, epitomizing what it means to be ‘all strength, no sweat.’ This duality is something we believe many women can relate to, and it’s something they’ll find in Secret with Essential Oils”.

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