Electricity From Lemons - Samsung Commercial

Samsung advertises its QuickDrive washing machine in a new commercial, that focuses on the energy saving.

The 30-second spot, entitled “The Little Energy Saver,” features a little girl who’s working on an invention aimed at helping her save energy. Seeing her device “in action,” she starts turning off all the lights inside the house. Her father, who’s ready to turn on the Samsung QuickDrive washing machine, looks at her as if he’s waiting for her permission, which he gets.

The ad, which carrier the tagline “Save energy every moment,” also informs that the brand’s QuickDrive washing machine reduces the washing time by up to 50% and cuts energy use by 20% without compromising the cleaning performance so you can save energy with a faster wash.

This is not the first installment promoting Samsung’s QuickDrive washing machine. Previous ads focused on the advanced VRT-M technology, which reduces even small noises and vibration during washes, on the Eco Bubble technology, which delivers a powerful, but gentle cleaning performance to wash your laundry, even at low temperatures, and other advanced features.

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