Royal Bank of Scotland Curly Woman Advert

Royal Bank of Scotland has released a new advert to present its new mobile app and some of its most important features.

The 60-second spot shows a curly-haired woman talking about the new Royal Bank of Scotland app while sitting at a table in a coffee shop. As she lists the various features of the app, she is transported in various different places as a way to highlight the capabilities of the new app. Thus, viewers get to learn that the bank’s improved app lets you manage your money anywhere, at any time, with the tap of a button, that you can check your balance, make payments, and you can lock and unlock your credit card if you lose it, you can even get cash out when you don’t have your card and with fingerprint login your account will always be safe and secure even when you can’t find your phone.

The ad also informs that, in order to start using your app, you just have to log in using the five to eight digit code you set up when you registered. In case you’ve forgotten it, you don’t need to worry – you can just tap the “forgot passcode” button. You can also get help from the menu on screen or in your digital banking.

“So now you’re ready to start managing your money with the tap of a button,” the woman says at the end of the advert.