Reese's Puffs Commercial - Prom Dress

The brand of breakfast cereal REESE’S Puffs, manufactured by General Mills, highlights, in a series of new ads created by San Francisco agency Erich & Kallman and directed by Arts & Sciences’ director Mike Warzin, that REESE’S Puffs Cereal is “what you really really really really want”.

One of the spots features a teenage girl trying a prom dress in a store and telling the sales representative she wants “something a little more modern”. Asked what she really wants, the young customer answers she just doesn’t want “something so girly”. “What do you really really want?” the prying saleswoman asks. “To be honest, I don’t want a dress at all,” answers the girl, who, asked again what she “really really really” wants, adds she wants to “smash the institutions that dictate the way I’m supposed to dress, act and sound”. “I want to be me and I want the world to embrace me for it,” she also declares. “What do you really really really really want?” comes the next question, which makes the girl admit she wants REESE’S Puffs.

The campaign is set to run across broadcast, digital video, audio, Snapchat and Instagram. The spots are also set to air during one of basketball’s biggest weekends, on ESPN, on April 4th, when the 2019 State Farm College Slam Dunk & 3-Point Championships will take place.

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