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“Unreal mansions, castles, and mansion castles are a lot of fun if you’re watching “Reality” TV, but if you’re a real person looking to buy a real home, it helps to have real tools like real-time updates from” This is the idea behind the latest ad, which labels the website as “The Home of Home Search”.

“Let’s be real about unreal estate. Impeccably manicured lawns, infinitely cool infinity pools, over-the-top everything. Who lives like this?” the voiceover asks on the 30-second spot, which opens with one “perfect” family in a huge mansion, posing in their kitchen while pretending to cook together, an eccentric party by the pool in another villa, and a young blonde woman taking selfies in the bathroom with her small dog. The voiceover then changes the speech, approaching viewers as “real people” and mentioning that “what real people need are real homes”.

“At we’re serious about real. So we use real-time updates to give you the most comprehensive view of homes for sale nationwide. We know the first step in resting easy at night is finding a real place to rest your head. And together, we’ll find homes for the real of us,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, while on screen various people in their homes. Finally, the tagline “Homes, for the real of us” flashes across the screen.

Other recent spots launched by the real estate listings website also emphasize that unreal homes are for social media and TV because real people need real places to live and a real home to dream in. also shines a light on the fact that, while TV makes searching, finding, and buying a home look easy, in reality, it takes real work and thousands and thousands of hours.

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