Progressive on Ice Commercial

“Landing a triple axel is hard. Saving on car insurance isn’t” – This is the idea behind the latest Progressive commercial, that introduces Progressive on Ice, a place where discounts and rate comparisons come to life.

The spot features a cast of youngsters clad in white outfits, personalized with the insurance company’s logo, skating on ice and illustrating the various insurance policies provided by Progressive, as well as benefits, such as discounts, rate comparisons, Name Your Price tool, and more.

“Get ready for the insurance-themed experience of a lifetime! It’s Progressive on Ice. Everything you love about car insurance, the rate comparisons, and flow in a boat. Insurance adventure awaits at Progressive on Ice!” the voiceover says on the 30-second ad, which also specifies that tickets are not available now or ever.

Progressive has been pitching its services in multiple ad campaigns and now it offers a variety of limited-edition products, including a 7″ tall Flo Bobblehead ($9.38), with push button voice activation, a 5″ diameter Flo Fur Ball ($4.75), as well as several other Progressive personalized items, such as a mug, a canvas tote, a foldable mini desk fan, Polo shirts, a canvas backpack and more.

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