Progressive Halloween Flo and Jamie Costumes Commercial

Progressive invites you to dress like Flo and Jamie this Halloween. The insurance company advertises the Flo and Jamie costumes in a new commercial.

The spot features the two spokespersons surprising each other with a Halloween costume that looks exactly like their own uniforms. While Jamie says he will wear it with pride, Flo points out she’s wearing the costume right that moment and informs viewers that they can, too, for four hundred and ninety dollars. It turns out the price is much lower – $24.99, more precisely, and that they can visit the insurance company’s website to order.

Toward the end of the commercial, Jamie and Flo, who also takes the opportunity to showcase her singing skills, mention that “aggressive kindness” and “chiseled abs” are not included.

The Flo costume set includes a white apron with “Progressive” printed on it, a wig resembling the agent’s hairstyle, a headband, and a button featuring the text “I love insurance”. The Jamie costume includes a white apron with “Progressive” in blue, one Jamie name tag pinback button and one pinback button that reads “I Love Insurance”.

Progressive’s range of limited-edition products also includes a 7″ tall Flo Bobblehead ($9.38), with push button voice activation, a 5″ diameter Flo Fur Ball ($4.75), Flo-in-the-Box ($25.96), Flo Kokeshi Doll ($11.23), Chia Pet Flo ($16.95), as well as several other Progressive personalized items, such as a mug, a canvas tote, a foldable mini desk fan, Polo shirts, a canvas backpack and more.

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