Porsche Macan S Commercial Actor

Porsche showcases the new Porsche Macan S in a new commercial, encouraging people to choose thrilling.

The spot, titled “Choices,” features a young man who does things he has to do, such as household chores, walking the dog, preparing his meal and going to work, and things he chooses to do, such as getting at the wheel of his Porsche Macan S and experiencing thrilling activities, such as flying a small aircraft. “There are things we have to do. And there are things we choose to do. When you get a choice, choose thrilling. The new Porsche Macan,” the voiceover says on the 30-second ad.

The new Porsche Macan S features a V6 engine, a tweaked front end with LED lights, a restyled rear that now incorporates a full-width light bar, a comfortable interior with a 10.9in touchscreen and the latest Porsche Communications Management software, as well as a suite of advanced safety features.

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