Old Spice Swagger Dad Commercial

Old Spice advertises its new Swagger collection in a series of new spots.

One of them, dubbed “New Dad,” features a young man who’s awakened by the crying noises of his newborn baby. As he opens his eyes and looks at the baby monitor, another man, who turns out to be a friend of him, shows up above him, at a very short distance, hanging from the ceiling, telling him that they gotta go because the guys are waiting.

He’s initially reluctant to the idea, but it’s only 8pm on a Saturday night and his friend doesn’t give up easily. On the contrary, he’s using a secret “weapon” – Old Spice – to convince him to join him on a night out.

As the two men are leaving the room in silence, the wife of the man convinced to “escape” asks him to bring back potato skins.

“Old Spice – Never Let a Friend Lose His Swagger” an onscreen line reads at the end of the 30-second commercial.

The Swagger kit, priced at $10, includes a 3.8oz Swagger Invisible Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray, a 16oz Swagger Body Wash, a 3oz Swagger Deodorant, and a 12oz Swagger 2-in-1. Now, for a limited time, if you spend $25, you get free Old Spice Socks with the code “FREESOCKS”. The brand informs that you must add Old Spice socks in cart to be valid.

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