O2 Custom Plans Advert - Artist Sue Kreitzman

UK’s mobile provider O2 advertises its custom plans, which allow customers to customise their device contract to suit their individual needs, in a series of new spots. One of them features embellishment artist Sue Kreitzman, a one-of-a-kind customer, who collects things and assembles them, and customises anything that goes into her house.

“Whenever I get something, I have to change it,” she says on the 60-second video, revealing that her motto is “less is less, more is not nearly enough”. “I make sculptures out of junk,” she also says, while showcasing her artwork. “Everything you can imagine in the world that’s colorful is what I use in my art,” she also says before getting to talk about her mobile data. She says she uses a lot of data but fortunately she can adjust it, month for month, depending on what’s happening. She says she’s an adopted Britain and goes back to New York often and this is the reason why when she customised her phone plan she chose 30 GB of data because it gives her free roaming in the States, which suits her perfectly.

Toward the end of the advert she says “you need to personalise things because we’re all different individuals,” and “one size does not fit all”. “Like things customised? Create the phone plan that’s right for you” onscreen lines read at the end of the video.

The contracts with O2 with custom plans can be between three and 36 months so customers can spread costs accordingly. Customers are also given the chance to modify data each month, based on their needs, and even choose when to upgrade.


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