MotoGP 19 Commercial

The announcement trailer for the new chapter of the successful MotoGP franchise, MotoGP 19, has been released.

According to the promo, there will be lots of improvements, including Neural AI, powered up multiplayer, competition, historical challenges and more. “The present has never been more exciting. Riders have changed class or teams. The future is here. It’s electric. It’s MotoE making a debut. The Past burst with unforgettable moments. How about some historical riders? Lots of historical riders. The biggest historical rivalries in MotoGP. Now that sounds legendary, huh? The level of challenge is never enough. You wanted more. No problem. We have something never seen before in a racing game. Neural AI (artificial neural networks are computing systems inspired by the biological neural networks that constitute animal brains). This new AI system based on machine learning will make your competitors as individual as you are. They learn and react like you do. Joking! They’ll do it much better. So maybe it’s safer to take on your friends and when you do MotoGP 19 will be ready. The new dedicated servers will ensure the connection matches your ambition. Zero lag. Zero latency. Zero excuses. We love the roar of engines. We live for videogames. We fail and we succeed as you do. This is not just a job. This is our passion. And we share it with you. You are our community and we come together to celebrate what makes us different. Are you ready? It’s time to take your place” onscreen lines read throughout the fast-paced 80-second trailer.

The game will be available on June 6 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC / Steam, with the Nintendo Switch version available at a later date.

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