Moonpig Christmas Advert - Grandmother

Moonpig has revealed its Christmas 2019 advert, which aims to highlight that there’s no better time than now to make someone feel incredibly special.

The spot, which is “all about a relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter at Christmastime,” opens with the grandmother in her living room, reading the Christmas card sent by her granddaughter. “Grandma, like every falling snowflake, you’re one in a million,” the young woman says in voiceover, revealing the message conveyed through the holiday card. “We miss you and your mince pies. Merry Christmas!” the granddaughter is also heard saying but, as the advert continues, it turns out she had written the message on the Moonpig app while trying to pass down family traditions and taking on her grandmother’s mince pie recipe together with her own children, who are wreaking havoc in the kitchen.

Thus, Moonpig wants to show that, even when baking and the kitchen is a complete mess, you can put everything aside for a moment and send a warm, thoughtful message easily with the Moonpig app to the ones you love, because “heartfelt can happen anywhere”.

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