Mitsubishi Motors SUVs Range Advert

Mitsubishi Motors runs a new ad in the UK, showcasing its range of SUVs and highlighting that its cars are designed to enable drivers to fulfill their own personal ambitions, no matter what they are.

“Everyone’s ambitions are different. You can climb to the top or you could take on uphill battles of a different kind. You can explore for hundreds of miles. Or you could begin a bigger journey. You can make time fly. Or you could make it stand still. The Mitsubshi SUV Range. Drive Your Ambition,” the voiceover says on the 30-second ad.

The automaker encourages people to explore its range of SUVs, from the ultra-efficient plug-in hybrid Outlander PHEV to the off-road conquering 7 seat Shogun Sport and find their perfect Mitsubishi.

“Drive Your Ambition” has served as global tagline for Mitsubishi Motors since October 2017, when the brand started using it in association with the Mitsubishi Motors corporate mark in advertisement and promotional communications.