Mitsubishi TV Advert - Buy Online

Mitsubishi Motors highlights, in a new ad running in the UK, that you can now buy a Mitsubishi from the comfort of your bed.

The 45-second spot features different customers in a Mitsubishi showroom as if they are at home. A woman is having a look at a car while walking around dressed in a bathrobe and carrying a cup of coffee in her hands, a man wearing home clothes is lounging in an armchair and his wife brings him breakfast while a Mitsubishi customer service representative explains him something about a car, a woman wrapped in a towel is painting her nails in a car, and a man sitting in bed, near his wife, is told what he needs to know about the Outlander 4H Petrol Hybrid he wants to purchase.

“With Mitsubishi, you can now buy your vehicle online. You can choose your model, color, specs and finance options, essentially everything you’d normally do in a showroom, but from the comfort of your home. So now you’ve got the freedom to buy your Mitsubishi the way you want,” the voiceover says, adding the tagline “Mitsubishi Buy Online – Our showroom in your home”.

According to the automaker, it has never been simpler to buy a Mitsubishi that fits your lifestyle and budget. All you need to do is follow these four steps: set your budget and configure a number of payment options to suit your needs, part exchange a car that you own and we can help you get valuation for it too, decide on the right Mitsubishi model for you, depending on the budget you set to start with, and configure the extra features that fill your heart’s desire and, before check-out, select a delivery option for your new Mitsubishi car, options that include collection from a dealer or delivery straight to your door.

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