McDonald's UK Christmas Reindeer Ready Advert Girl

McDonald’s UK asks people if they are #ReindeerReady in its Christmas 2019 advert.

The animated spot, created by Leo Burnett, features a young girl named Ellie who, willing to play a game of “reindeers,” but having no one to play with, because her older sister, Jenny, doesn’t want to, imagines that her dog, Archie, is a reindeer. However, this is revealed only at the end of the video, when the two siblings, their father, and the family’s pet are going to McDonald’s to buy some “Reindeer Treats”. At the Drive-Thru, the animation turns into real life and Jenny, who has seen, before heading out, a drawing Ellie had made, decides to join her game of reindeer by putting on reindeer antlers.

The family order then more “Reindeer Treats”, which it turns out are McNuggets.

On Christmas Eve, the fast-food chain will be giving out “Reindeer Treats” for free.

“We’re celebrating the magic of Christmas through the eyes of Ellie, an imaginative little girl, in an advert which illustrates scenes recognized by parents across the country, as the whole family comes together to get Reindeer ready. We hope the public enjoy Ellie and Archie’s adventure as much as we do,” McDonald’s UK and Ireland marketing director, Ben Fox, said in a press statement.

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