McDonald's Habanero McChicken Sandwich Commercial

After having invited people to try its classic McChicken with the new Jalapeño McChicken Sauce, McDonald’s Canada is now encouraging them to try the McChicken served with the Habanero McChicken sauce.

“Since McDonald’s came out with the spicy McChicken, something’s been going on. SpiceFace. Uh! That’s new Habanero McChicken. Will it give you SpiceFace?” the voiceover asks on the 15-second spot, which features various McDonald’s customers tasting the spicy menu item and unintentionally showing their “SpiceFace”.

The new Jalapeño McChicken Sauce will be available for a limited time only, through March 11, at participating McDonald’s restaurants in Canada.

This promotion is part of the fast-food chain’s attempt to figure out how hot is too hot and will also include a ghost pepper sauce. McDonald’s didn’t come up with the spicy mayonnaise recipes alone, but it asked its suppliers to pitch ideas on how to actually make it spicy and chose Flavour Reddy Foods LLC to manufacture the sauce.

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