McCafé Australia Commercial - Parents at their Kids' Soccer Game

McDonald’s Australia promotes its McCafé in a new commercial, that carries the tagline “We’re coffee people”.

The spot features a group of parents as they’re driving their kids to their soccer game on a Saturday morning. If, at the beginning, they’re all paying attention to what is happening on the field, when their coffee from McCafé is brought over, things change a little bit. It is exactly then when one of the kids – a little girl who has actually spent quite a lot chatting with a teammate during the game – runs towards her dad, asking him if he saw her scoring a goal. After a second of thinking, the father, who missed the moment she scored because he was eager to grab his cup of coffee, answers “Sure did”.

The commercial, set to the tune of “It Only Goes To Show” by The Haints, from their 2007 album “Battle of Wounded Heart,” ends with the voiceover saying “We’re early morning people. McCafé. We’re coffee people”.

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