Lloyds Bank TV Advert - The M-word

Lloyds Bank encourages people to start important money conversations with their loved ones in a new advert, released with the title “The M-word”.

The 30-second spot features several families giving answers to a question that is not heard, leaving viewers a little bit confused at first. “No, we haven’t talked about it openly,” a mother who sits on a couch near her daughter says. “Prefer to keep it private,” answers a man after taking a look at his girlfriend. A young woman describes this subject as “touchy” and a husband/father reveals they’ve had a few issues.

“It isn’t easy talking to your family about money, but it is important,” the voiceover points out at the end of the video, adding the tagline “The M Word. From Lloyds Bank. It’s good to talk about money”.

Lloyds Bank highlights that not talking about money is a source of stress, anxiety, and unnecessary problems for many families and presents the results of a research conducted with YouGov, which reveal that 1 in 3 people have experienced stress and anxiety in the last month and 63% of people say that money worries are currently affecting the mental health of someone close to them. The bank has teamed up with Relate, UK’s leading relationship support charity, to help find ways to make those conversations about money in families easier. One of these ways includes a series of M-Word courses created by Lloyds in partnership with Relate, designed to offer practical advice to help with those big money conversations. The first course will be available this summer. In the meantime, those interested can read on the bank’s website six tips to help them start money conversations.

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