2020 Lincoln Aviator Commercial

Lincoln advertises its Wish List Sales Event in a new commercial, that focuses on the whisper-quiet cabin of one of its luxury vehicles, the all-new 2020 Lincoln Aviator.

The 30-second spot, titled “Holiday Mayhem,” features a mother who, after returning home at the wheel of her Lincoln Aviator and opening the front door, faces scenes that make her turn around and leave again. Some of the kids are screaming and laughing out loud, a girl is using the family’s dog to drag her on roller skates, two boys are playing cricket, and another girl, who seems to be the eldest, is texting, ignoring what happens around her and even the barking dog, who’s adorned with Christmas lights.

A few seconds later, the mother decides to get back into the car to relax a little bit before having to deal with the holiday mayhem. She leans back in the Perfect Position Seat (that adjusts, according to the automaker, in 30 ways to conform to your body) and enjoys the scenic view through the available Panoramic Vista Roof (which runs from the front of the vehicle to the back and lets the outside in).

Lincoln invites customers to enjoy a variety of offers on 2020 select models including the 2020 Lincoln MKZ (starting at $36,750), the Continental (starting at $46,305), the 2020 Lincoln Corsair (starting at $35,945), and more.