Lactaid Sutton Foster & Cookie Monster Commercial

Sutton Foster teaches Cookie Monster that Lactaid is real milk that comes from cows in the latest commercial for the brand.

The young actress, singer, and dancer stars in a 30-second spot, talking to the Cookie Monster about Lactaid. She explains that Lactaid is read milk that comes from cows, but it doesn’t have lactose, which can bother some people’s tummies. When Cookie Monster starts a special investigation and asks various questions about Lactaid, she also says that it does look like milk, is cold like milk and, most important, it does taste like milk. “Hm, it’s creamy and delicious,” Foster says after taking a sip from the glass, adding that this is due to the fact that Lactaid is 100% real milk.

The end of the commercial sees the Cookie Monster asking for more cookies and milk. An onscreen line informs that Lactaid is a proud sponsor of the Sesame Street Road Trip.

Lactaid provides a range of dairy products, from milk to cottage cheese to ice cream, that are made with 100% real dairy, just without the lactose. The brand also provides, on its website, a series of recipes “that won’t mess up with you”, including creamy poached chicken, sweet potato fries with mushroom gravy, white pizza, ice cream sandwiches, strawberry oat muffins, and more. In addition, you can also download the latest Lactaid cookbook and check the recipe converter to make any recipe low-lactose or lactose-free. Moreover, those who sign up for the Dairy Scoop Newsletter will receive not only recipes, but also special offers.

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