2020 Kia Soul Models Commercial - Chameleon

Kia Motors informs, in a new ad, that they created three distinct new species of the 2020 Kia Soul, each perfectly built to adapt to unique surroundings, and invites you to see what happens when they take on a new environment unlike any seen before.

Dubbed “The New Species of Soul,” the spot shows three computer-generated 2020 Souls models – 2020 Soul GT-Line Turbo with optional features, the 2020 Soul X-Line with optional features, and the 2020 Soul EX Designer – speeding down a chameleon’s body until they are swallowed by the creature, which stands in the middle of a highway.

The automaker revealed that, for its tree 2020 Soul models, it took inspiration from the chameleon (“one of nature’s marvels”) and its ability to adapt. “The completely redesigned exterior and interior, along with all-new high-tech features still allow the spirit of the Soul hatchback to live on,” Kia states, highlighting that Soul is ready to adapt to you.

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