Kärcher Pressure Washer Advert

Kärcher UK advertises its Full Control Plus Pressure Washer in a new hilarious advert.

The 20-second spot opens with a bearded, long-haired man who seems stranded on an island, running on the beach towards a Karcher box and finding one of the brand’s Full Control Plus Pressure Washers. He grabs it and starts using it around, unveiling, behind thick layers of dry leaves, his car, his house and eventually his wife, who was waiting for him inside.

“Have you discovered Kärcher’s most advanced pressure washers? With the touch of a button, Kärcher’s Full Control Plus technology gives you the perfect setting for every cleaning task,” the voiceover says, urging you to “Rediscover your home with Kärcher and to visit the brand’s website to find out more.

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