Just Eat The X Factor Advert - Portraits Singing in Gallery

Just Eat has launched a new ad campaign, in partnership with McCann London, to celebrate its sponsorship of The X Factor 2019.

The campaign includes four spots aimed at showing that joy can come in many forms and one of these forms consists in a Saturday night takeaway coupled with the nation’s favorite talent show. A family gathered around the dinner table, two guards at the museum, a woman working late at the office, and two girlfriends are the protagonists of the videos, which also feature inanimated objects as they come to life to sing the company’s tagline, “Did somebody say ‘Just Eat’?”. One of these objects are two portraits in a gallery, that begin to perform the “song” as soon as they see one of the guards showing up with a takeaway.

This is the third consecutive year that the British online food order and delivery service sponsors the talent show. Matt Bushby, UK Marketing Director, at Just Eat said in a press statement “Just Eat and The X Factor are the two key ingredients to a great Saturday night in. Our X Factor idents are a celebration that hero the Just Eat takeaway moments that take place all across British homes and workplaces”.

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