James Wellbeloved Dog Hugo Advert

James Wellbeloved advertises its Small Breed dog food in a new ad, featuring Hugo, a small dog who feels well chuffed.

“Big dog is a state of mind. Which makes Hugo the biggest dog in town, despite being 7 inches tall,” says the voiceover on the 15-second spot, which features the tiny dog daydreaming about something, probably about being a large dog.

The new campaign also includes other spots, set to pieces of classical music, that features other dogs and cats, too. Among them is Sebastian, a dog who “has just done his sixth consecutive firm poo this week,” Carl and Clarissa, a dog and a cat that are examples of “an ideal weight”, and Cheryl, a cat who never bites off more than she can chew and she can chew literally anything.

According to the brand, its food is “delicious and high quality,” “complete and well balanced,” bursting with essential vitamins and minerals, containing gentle, highly digestible ingredients, and high quality, single source protein.

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