IKEA Summer Sale Commercial Woman

IKEA USA advertises its Summer Sale event, taking place between June 26 and July 7, 2019, in a hilarious new commercial.

The 30-second spot, dubbed “Start the Car,” features a woman in an IKEA store who, after seeing the amount on the receipt for the products she had purchased, rushes out and starts screaming at her husband, who was waiting for her in the car, to start the car.

“It’s not a mistake. It’s the IKEA Summer Sale,” onscreen lines read at the end of the commercial, which also informs that you can save up to 50% off select items in store only. There are additional offers for IKEA FAMILY members, online and in store, as well. Those who sign up for the IKEA Family program will receive advance notice of upcoming deals and sales, and will also get the chance to participate in a wide variety of IKEA offers.

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