IKEA Safer Homes Baby Commercial

IKEA has released a new commercial, aimed at helping people prevent furniture tip-over accidents.

The 30-second ad, launched with the title “Creating Safer Homes Together – Secure It!,” features a diverse cast of babies, toddlers and kids in their homes, doing a variety of activities, while the voiceover delivers the following message: “As a parent, you childproof almost everything – cords, corners, cabinets, and cribs. Pets, plants, and appliances. Tables, toilets, and those teensy tiny knick-knacks. You childproof stairs, sockets and stoves.

Everything from bath time to bedtime, and beyond. Well, almost everything. You may not have thought about one thing. And that’s securing your dressers and chests to the wall. It’s simple, it’s quick and it helps avoid dangerous tip-over accidents. So do it today, secure it!” the voiceover says.

The Swedish retailer highlights that, if you own a chest/ dresser that was included in the June 2016 recall, there are several ways you can participate in this recall and shows, on its website, four ways you can participate in this recall.

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