Hyundai VENUE Commercial

Hyundai showcases the all-new Venue and some of its key features in a commercial containing some interesting percentages.

Thus, the 60-second ad, released with the hashtag #AbsurdlySensible, follows a Venue as it drives through the city streets and onscreen lines inform that the car has “329% more colors than a rainbow” (there are 23 available body color options), “333,283 business cards” (a nod to the 355-litre cargo space), “25x more chrome than your browser” (a reference to the cascading chrome grille), “1,377,734 mm2 of infinite shine” (a reference to the available lenticular lights), “3 inches more rim than a pepperoni pizza” (a reference to the 17-inch allow wheels), and “a screen 22% the size of the Mona Lisa” (reference to the available 8-inch AVN screen).

“Absurdly Sensible highlights the features that make the VENUE an incredibly sensible car for our target’s absurdly driven lifestyle. We achieve this by emphasizing absurd measurements and irreverent messaging, while visually celebrating our targets work-all-day, live-all-night mindset. Every aspect of this campaign shows how the VENUE is a sensible car for the absurd challenges that are unique to living in the city,” said the automaker of the new campaign, which introduces VENUE as “an urban utility vehicle with a larger-than-life personality and style to match”.

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