Hyundai Panda Bear Commercial

Hyundai showcases, in a series of new commercials, how the smart technology systems available on its cars help drivers – even animals – to enjoy a more pleasant, safer driving experience.

One of the spots, part of a series titled “Easy Life with Smart Technology,” features Peter, a businessman panda who wakes up at 9 and gets stressed out because he’s going to be late at work. Once he gets into his Hyundai, he asks the smart assistant to help him out by finding the quickest route, a shortcut, or even a dirt road and then complains about the fact that he is extremely tired these days. The system informs him that his overall health is OK, but his stress levels are higher than usual and recommends him to get some rest. The bear says that, if he’s late, it’s over for him and rests his head on the steering wheel. Soon, though, a turtle passes by and, with a simple question, reminds him that it’s Saturday and all of a sudden his stress levels go down. Peter asks the virtual assistant to switch to Relaxation mode and head to his favorite cafe in town to grab something to eat and enjoy the weekend.

The other episodes feature superstar JJ Giraffe, who praises the automaker’s smart technology, declaring that we’re
“watching the future unfold,” a sloth couple whose life changes thanks to the smart technology systems on their Hyundai car, and some meerkats.

Hyundai’s smart technologies also include Driver State Monitoring, which monitors any signs of driver’s drowsiness,
fatigue or distraction to effectively protect the driver from dangerous situations by triggering an alarm at an
the appropriate time, Smart Blind Spot Detection, Highway Driving Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Remote Parking Assist system, Augmented Reality, Smart Traffic Jam Assist, Night View, and Motion Recognition, the automaker’s latest three-dimensional hand gesture recognition, which gives the driver greater control of multiple features.

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