Hotpoint Commercial - Teddy Bear

Hotpoint has launched a new ad campaign for its ActiveCare range of laundry appliances with a spot aimed at demonstrating that Hotpoint cares for the things you love and its ActiveCare technology gives “new life to the things you value most”.

The advert, titled “Billie the Bear,” features a father on a rainy night desperately looking for the teddy bear that his little daughter lost at an amusement park. The toy gets covered in lots of stains until the man finds him but, luckily, the girl’s mother manages to bring it back to its initial state after washing it in a Hotpoint washing machine, which – thanks to the ActiveCare technology – can remove more than 100 stains at just 20 degrees Celsius.

“You care for the things you love. So do we. With out Hotpoint ActiveCare technology, remove more than 100 stains at only 20 degrees. Giving new life to the things you love the most,” the voiceover says on the 30-second spot, adding the tagline “Hotpoint. The way you care”.

The campaign, which debuted on May 13th and is set to run across major TV channels including ITV and Channel 4 until May 31st, also includes a cashback promotion. The brand is giving its customers a free teddy bear when they buy a selected Hotpoint ActiveCare laundry appliance.

“Our campaign presents a universal story that aligns the Hotpoint brand with our consumers’ desire to care for and preserve what matters most to them, whether it’s treasured garments or the precious time that is saved by helpful innovations,” said Hotpoint brand head Jennifer Taylor in a press statement.

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