Home Store + More Dad Advert

Ireland’s leading independent home wares retailer Home Store + More has released a new emotional ad, focused on the idea that “no matter where you go in life, you’ll always have a home”.

The 30-second spot is a letter from a father to his daughter, who is seen turning from a little baby to a young college student. The dad’s voice is heard in voiceover listing their home’s rooms and the importance each of them had in their lives over the years and still has, as a matter of fact. “The front room, where we’d curl up and you’d grow up in front of me, the yard, where you’d show me just how curious you’d be, the kitchen, where we’d welcome the boys you wanted me to meet, the bathroom you’d escape to if you needed a little peace, the walls in your bedroom that you always your own. No matter where you go in life, you’ll always have a home,” the dad wrote to his daughter, who is now living away.

The advert ends with the retailer’s tagline, “your home, made more” flashing across the screen.

This is not the only heartwarming advert from Home Store + More, though. There is another one featuring the same protagonists, but with a letter from the girl, named Annie, to her father, which presents every room from her perspective, but ends with the same conclusion: “No matter where I go in life, I’ll always have a home”.

Earlier this year, the home wares retailer launched a comedic advert, featuring a young couple and the way their relationship and their living room changed over the years.

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