Hanes Commercial Actors

Hanes has launched a new ad campaign, entitled “Every Bod,” aimed at promoting a body-positive image to people of all body type.

The spot, created by The Martin Agency, features a diverse cast of men of all body types wearing the Comfort FlexFit boxer briefs in different locations, singing an original song about their underwear as they go about their day. Lyrics include “When support is what you need, Hanes will keep them safe and free, every bod is happy in Hanes”. The brand also aims to emphasize that “when you feel comfy in your skin you can love the bod you’re in,” be it a dad bod, a bachelor pad bod, a pro bod, or an average joe bod.

The end of the video sees a huge crowd of men in Hanes Comfort FlexFit boxer briefs gathering all together in the city streets and singing all at once “Every bod is happy in Hanes”.

The ad, available in 15- and 30-second versions, runs across network and cable TV as well as online, on social media.

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