GEICO Boat Insurance Goldfish Commercial

GEICO promotes its Boat insurance in a hilarious new commercial, aimed at highlighting that “It only gets better when you switch and save with GEICO”.

The 30-second ad features a family of three on a boat, enjoying a sunny day while fishing. “The weather’s perfect, the family is all together,” the father says, delighted by the scenario. His wife reminds him that they switched to GEICO and saved money on their boat insurance, which makes him ask rhetorically “How could it get any better than this?”. At this point, their daughter, who’s fishing, says she just caught a goldfish. The man answers there’s no goldfish in that lake, but he soon convinces himself of the contrary, seeing the goldfish made out of actual gold, which drops gold coins out of its mouth. “It’s pure gold. We’re gonna be rich,” the father says while pouring gold coins on the boat.

“It only gets better when you switch and save with GEICO,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial. GEICO’s Boat insurance helps you enjoy peace of mind as you navigate your boat or personal watercraft (PWC). The company can help you get a free online boat insurance quote and allows you to customize your boat insurance to meet your needs with coverage for damage to your boat including hull, sails, machinery, and more, new boat replacement, and fuel spill liability.

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