Facebook Beach Advert

Facebook has launched a new campaign in the UK, aimed at increasing awareness of how to control privacy settings on the social media network.

The ad, created by agency Possible titled “Privacy is Personal,” is set on a beach and shows various people in different situations that illustrate how they have different privacy boundaries. As they are featured doing various activities and choosing what to and how much to show to the others, onscreen images show the different ways Facebook lets people control their privacy settings.

“We all have our own privacy settings in life. What we choose to share with our friends. What we want to keep to ourselves. And what we’re proud to share with the world. That’s why there are lots of ways to control your privacy settings on Facebook,” the voiceover says on the 30-second video, which also informs that you can control your location settings, your personal information, your ad preferences, your photo tags, your privacy settings.

The campaign, set to run across various channels, including Facebook and Instagram, video-on-demand, digital, out-of-home, cinema, print and audio for ten weeks, follows a survey made by Facebook that showed that 9 million UK Facebook users were confused about how to customise their privacy settings on social media and that 22% of responders didn’t know how to use the privacy tools an any social network.


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