Experian Goths Advert

Experian UK has launched a new advert aimed at highlighting that the company helps consumers find and apply for credit products suited to their personal needs because it knows “what makes you one of a kind”.

The spot, created by BBH London, opens with a subway full of goths who are gradually vanishing into thin air as the voiceover lists several criteria. It is thus illustrated the idea that, despite the fact that all those people appear very similar, they are actually different and unique. “Goths. Goths from the Midlands. From the Midlands who no longer live at home. Goths who’ve been on the electoral roll for five years. And pay their credit card every month. In full. Who missed a scary phone bill recently. And has an Experian credit score of 874. Called Joy,” the voiceover says throughout the 30-second ad, which ends with the goth named Joy looking at the camera.

The provider of credit scores and reports explains that while other companies offer similar people similar stuff, they use “your credit history to find deals that are right for you, and only you”.

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