E*TRADE Dog Spa Commerciak

E*TRADE advertises its commission-free prebuilt portfolios in a new commercial.

“If dog spas can be a thing, so can easy investing” an onscreen line reads at the beginning of the 30-second ad, entitled “Doggie Spa Day,” which features several dogs enjoying a special treatment in a dogs spa. Thus, a lady dog is seen having a blow-dry and another one is seen enjoying a massage.

The voiceover says that “Choosing your investments can be stress-free with a prebuilt portfolio from E*TRADE” and that what you need to do to get started is simply decide how much or how little risk you want to take and with just a few clicks, E*TRADE will have you invested in a diversified portfolio. “You’ll barely have to lift a paw,” the voiceover adds, also specifying – very fast – that “the fund’s prospectus contains its investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other important information, and should be read and considered carefully before investing”.

In another recent commercial, also featuring a dog, but one that’s steering a motorboat, E*TRADE promotes its Core Portfolios as “an easy, automated way to get invested where we build, monitor, and manage your portfolio for you”. Rich dogs, that live the high life, have been the protagonists of another E*TRADE ad, that encouraged people to take charge of their financial future and invest with E*TRADE.

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