Enterprise Rent-A-Car Advert - Gerard Butler Skydive

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has launched a new action-packed ad campaign in the UK, starring Gerard Butler.

Developed in partnership with creative agency The Corner, the campaign includes two 30-second TV spots aimed at showing that Enterprise can handle the most demanding, extreme car rentals imaginable and get you on your way “whatever the mission”.

One of the spots, dubbed “Skydive,” features Butler free-falling from 20 thousand feet after jumping out of a plane and calling Enterprise, on his way down, to ask for a convertible with the roof down for him to land in. Despite the short time at disposal, Enterprise manages to get what the actor wants. “Choose from more vehicles, at more UK locations than anyone else,” the voiceover says at the end of the advert, adding the tagline “Whatever the mission – Enterprise”.

The other spot, dubbed “Paparazzi,” featuring Butler escaping a group of paparazzi around London, is set to air from 22nd April 2019. An extended version will also run during screenings in UK cinemas nationwide.

For the two blockbuster-styled ads, stunt coordinator Greg Powell, who worked on movies like Bond, The Avengers and Bourne, has been enlisted.

According to a press release, Gerard Butler said “It’s been great to be part of such an exciting campaign for Enterprise. It’s a fantastic, action-packed spot that was great fun to shoot”.

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