El Pollo Loco Christmas Commercial

El Pollo Loco pays homage to tradition in its holiday TV campaign, encouraging customers to bring family and neighbors together to celebrate new traditions worth sharing.

The spot, titled “Neighborhood of Lights,” features a young boy who grabs some items and gets out of his apartment intended to adorn the tree in front of his flat. He is soon joined by a little girl living in the neighborhood and then by other neighbors, who bring sofas, chairs, tables and set up everything necessary for a dinner party outside.

The fire-grilled chicken restaurant announced that it brings back its handmade Chicken Tamales just in time for the holiday season but with a new twist. Consumers will find, for a limited-time only, three innovative bowls that perfectly blend traditional Mexican flavors with Los Angeles culinary inspiration, namely The Chicken Tamale Bowls (made with the brand’s famous fire-grilled chicken simmered in red chile sauce and tender masa), Chicken Pozole Verde (a traditional holiday soup with fire-grilled chicken and tender hominy, slow simmered in a rich tomatillo broth with garlic, onion and chile) and Mexican Hot Chocolate (Rich Abuelita Chocolate, spiced with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla, topped with whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon sugar).

Throughout the holiday season, El Pollo Loco will have its restaurants decked out with new menu boards, tray-liners and packaging with unique holiday designs. Cashiers will be wearing Santa hats and the music playlists will include a mix of traditional holiday songs with contemporary Latin flair and American pop. In addition, customers will have the chance to purchase electronic and/or physical gift cards from El Pollo Loco restaurants and/or online.

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