Dodge Bill Goldberg Mayor Commercial

Dodge welcomes people to Muscleville, “the fastest place on Earth”. The automaker has released a new ad, that presents a Dodge owner’s paradise, where car culture is celebrated all day, every day.

“There’s a place where speed guns don’t exist and doughnuts are served fresh every morning. Welcome to Muscleville! A Dodge owner’s paradise. The only dating is speed dating. The Mayor is this guy (referring to professional wrestler and actor Bill Goldberg) and the town square is a straight away,” the voiceover says on the 30-second commercial, urging viewers to head to Muscleville, where every day is a performance day.

Created by agency Doner and directed by Henrik Henson, the spot features music composed by Johnny Sabino from Big Hammer Music.

Goldberg is not the first celebrity to appear in a Dodge commercial. In 2017, the brand enlisted Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel to drive some of its most powerful cars, including the new Durango SRT and the 707-hp Challenger Hellcat, in a series of ads launched with the tagline “Brotherhood of Muscle”.

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