Discover Parrot Commercial

Discover promotes its Free Social Security Number Alerts service in a new hilarious commercial.

The spot features a Discover customer calling a customer service number to learn more about the Social Security Number Alert. Thus, he learns it is a free alert, issued to customers in case their social security number is found on the dark web. Relieved to know about this service, the customer reveals he is a little worried about his personal information getting out and the reason why soon becomes obvious: his parrot says it as loud and clear as possible. The Discover employee asks if it’s his daughter talking in the background and the customer answers that it’s a macaw and that its name is Timothy. The former makes a joke, asking “Timothy, want a cracker?” When Timothy’s owner repeats the question, Timothy asks him “What are you, my parrot?”.

The commercial ends with the voiceover urging viewers to sign up for free Discover Social Security Alerts.

The company informs that these alerts are one way to help you protect yourself from identity fraud, which is not a rare problem encountered nowadays. Discover says it monitors thousands of risky websites on the dark web (which is a hidden area of the Internet where stolen social security numbers can be traded or sold for the purposes of identity theft and fraud) and, if it finds your Social Security number, will send you an alert and help you take action. It also informs that this monitoring service cannot prevent identity theft, but it is a tool that can alert you to activity that may indicate identity theft is being attempted or has taken place.

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