Devour Super Bowl Commercial - Guy Addicted To Frozen Food

The frozen food brand Devour has released its “uncensored” 60-second ad for this year’s Super Bowl and has managed to draw a lot of attention.

The commercial, from David in Miami, aims to highlights that DEVOUR Frozen Foods aren’t ordinary frozen meals, but – thanks to their mouthwatering and craveable flavors, are actually frozen food p**n, and tells the story of how this frozen food p**n can affect a relationship.

Opening with a woman who introduces the scenario, revealing that her boyfriend is addicted to frozen food p**n, the ad goes on featuring the guy in various situations: from lustily watching videos on his computer, which he does at least two to three times a day, to stirring food in a suggestive manner in the garage and stopping suddenly when she arrives. His wife talks about how she found his hidden stash, how this addiction has turned him into a three minute man, and that her efforts to spice things up in their relationship were in vain.

“This addiction can happen to anyone. It’s hard to resist,” the woman says in voiceover at the end of the commercial, which concludes with the tagline “Never just eat, DEVOUR” flashing across the screen.

The 30-second ad, set to run during the third quarter of the Big Game and not yet released, will be a “appropriate for the Super Bowl audience,” according to the head of marketing for the brand, Katy Marshall.

As part of the campaign, Devour has also created a food p**n hotline that will be live until the Super Bowl and will feature “seductive descriptions of mouthwatering frozen meals,” according to a statement.

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