CoronaTony Romo Commercial

Tony Romo is back to the small screen in a series of new ads for Corona, taking calls to Corona Hotline.

The retired football player occupies a desk on the beach waiting for stressed-out football fans to call the Corona Hotline and help them with advice. One of the spots, entitled “Football Superstition,” features a guy who thinks that his favorite team will lose if he watches the game, so he leaves the room. Even though he was determined to not come back in front of the TV, Romo convinces him to do so, but not before grabbing Coronas and limes.

This is not the first time Romo stars in a Corona campaign. He is the face and voice of the Corona Hotline since last year, when he also provided assistance over the phone to football fans. In one of the commercials, he advised a caller to grab a Corona and have fun instead of pondering over a question.

Throughout the NFL season, fans can call the Corona Hotline at 1-844-9-Corona to enter for a chance to win prizes like a Corona Gameday Beer Fridge, or a trip to Clearwater Beach to watch the Super Bowl beachside.

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