ClearScore Merman Advert

ClearScore has released a new advert, featuring a merman.

The spot, created by And Rising, is set in a coffee shop and features a woman asking a merman, who’s sitting at the same table with her, what brings him to Liverpool. After throwing a glass of water into his own face, the merman says they’re looking to raise their children on land, because there are better schools and night jobs. He also mentions he downloaded ClearScore app, which gives him his credit score and a monthly report for free, showing him his finance in a whole new way.

At the end of the advert, viewers are encouraged to join 8 million UK users and get their credit score and report for free, forever.

In 2018, ClearScore promoted its services in ads that didn’t include its longtime mascot Moose. The cute chocolate brown boxer, who’s been helping his owner, Charlie, to check his credit score and stay on top of his finances, has appeared in several ad campaigns for the London-based financial technology company since July 2016. His other catchphrases include “Okay, I come to!” and “Where going?”.

The ads released by ClearScore last year were focused on the services provided – for free – by the company, such as credit score, tips on how to improve your credit score, recommendations of the best credit cards and loan deals for you, and the ClearScore app, which tracks your financial history, gives you a monthly report, and alerts you to any changes.” Two adult brothers hiding under a table to escape from their dad and his “finance talk”, a “money cautious” guy who buys a fancy steel safe to protect his finances, and a young man who turns into his father are among the protagonists of the spots released by ClearScore in 2018.

Launched in 2015, ClearScore was the UK’s first service giving consumers free access to their credit score and report. Its initial offering, which featured credit scores and reports only, was subsequently upgraded to include also credit card and personal loan offers, car finance offers, a credit history feature called “Timeline”, and a chatbot to help users improve their credit. In December 2015, the company launched the UK’s first credit checking app.

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