Chrysler Pacifica Talking Van Commercial

Chrysler has decided to let Pacifica speak for itself, literally, in a new commercial, focused on the features that make any family a van family.

The 30-second spot features a couple in a Chrysler dealership looking at a 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Limited S model and asking themselves if they are a van family. Hearing them, the car starts talking, telling the two that they are. It then asks the sales rep to use his foot in order to showcase how the door opens with just a foot movement.

“Is it magic? No, it’s a Pacifica,” the vehicle says, urging then the potential clients to get inside. As they take a peak at the interior, the Pacifica does “a little self-promosh” and encourages the couple to check out all the features it got up in there, such as the tri-pane sunroof, 8.4 inch touchscreen, grocery bag hooks, and Stow n’ Go Seats.

As the commercial ends, the sales guy informs the man and his wife that the Pacifica also comes in a hybrid. To their surprise, this model is also a talking one. “Van life! You know you want it!,” the Pacifica Limited says, urging them to go on the road. The woman can’t help asking if the car ever shuts up, but the car doesn’t seem to understand the question and keeps talking: “Drive me off the lot, baby. I will sing to you on the way home,” it also says.

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