Carl's Jr. Commercial - Old Cowboy Doing Yoga

Carl’s Jr. advertises its first plant-based burger, Beyond Famous Star with Cheese, in a new commercial.

The spot features an old western cowboy turned yoga master who talks, during one of his yoga sessions, held in Malibu, about how only the folks from Carl’s Jr. can pull out something that bold like a juicy, charbroiled burger with a patty made from plants. “All the legendary flavor, none of the meat. When the wagon of change comes, you ride along with it,” the yoga instructor also says, before the voiceover introduces the new Beyond Famous Star with Cheese at Carl’s Jr., where the food is the star.

According to the fast-food chain, the charbroiled Beyond Famous Star with Cheese, made with a 100% plant-based Beyond Meat patty, “looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef, and is made without soy, gluten or GMOs,” and packs 20 grams of plant-based protein. The primary source of protein in The Beyond Burger comes from peas, but also includes mung bean and rice protein.

The plant-based burger will be available for a limited-time only at participating Carl’s Jr. restaurants.

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