Carhartt Commercial - Bull with giant horns

Global premium workwear brand Carhartt wishes people Happy Labor Day in a commercial that also celebrates every worker, regardless of their status of rookie or veteran.

“You know what today is? Today is somebody’s first day of work. Day one for this rookie class. He won’t be met with any fanfare, no signing bonuses, no one asking for autographs. And nothing’s given. Except maybe a nickname, like waterboy or broken windshield guy. As for respect, getting that on the old fashioned way. Hard work. The same way this Carhartt jacket has to earn its right to be on your back. So, while you’re busy thanking all those who work hard this Labor Day, don’t forget to thank a rookie. They’ll be wearing the newest Carhartt,” the voiceover says on the 60-second ad, entitled “Hey Rookie,” which features a diverse cast of workers in different fields, including construction, transport, agriculture, and more.

Founded in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt, the Dearborn, Michigan-based company has a rich heritage of developing rugged products for workers on and off the job. Nowadays, it has \more than 4,600 associates worldwide.

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