Capital One Jennifer Garner Lawyer Commercial

Jennifer Garner returns to the small screen as a lawyer in one of the latest Capital One commercials, that focus on the Venture Card.

The spot opens with the actress declaring that, “with the Capital One Venture card, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day.” At this point, as the camera pans, it turns out she is in the courtroom and the opponent lawyer objects. “My credit card doesn’t earn double miles on every purchase,” he says standing up. “I object to your objection,” replies Garner, adding that with the Capital One Venture Card you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase”. The judge asks the typist to read the counselor’s last statement and the typist proceeds to do so, repeating what Garner had just said. “I’ll allow it,” the judge informs and Garner says she has no further questions.

Jennifer Garner, who became Capital One’s spokesperson in 2014, appeared in several other spots, set in different places, from an airplane to a mall, to talk about the Venture Card and its benefits. In 2016, she starred in a commercial with her father William “Bill” Garner, in honor of “Bring Your Father to Work Day”.

She is not the only celebrity starring in Capital One ads, though. Samuel L. Jackson, Alec Baldwin, Charles Barkley, and Spike Lee are also on the bank’s roster of celebrities endorsing its products.

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