Cadbury Twirl Advert - Sarah & Miles

Cadbury advertises its Twirl in a new TV spot, featuring Sarah and Miles.

The advert, created by agency VCCP and directed by James Rouse, features Sarah and Miles on top of a stone hut, looking at some trees. The teenage girl, who’s eating a Cadbury Twirl, raises a question that catches her friend off-balance – “How do trees decide ‘I’d like some more branches or even a good four branches or settle for what I’ve got'”. She also says it’s a little bit like twirls. “How do they decide I’d like some more curls, please?” She’s also asking, leaving Miles speechless and willing to get down from the stone hut.

The spot, available as a 20-, 30-, and 40-second version, ends with the tagline “What makes it so twirly?” flashing across the screen.

This is the third installment featuring Sarah and Miles, that advertises the brand’s Twirl milk chocolate bar. Part of a £3 million marketing campaign launched in July 2018, the previous spots also featured the two friends raising existential questions.

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