Cadbury Commercial - Pig with Bunny Ears

Cadbury’s classic Easter commercial, featuring its Cadbury is searching for a replacement to the famous Cadbury Bunny. However, what they soon learn is that nothing can top the original.

The 15-second spot in set on a small stage and features Cadbury Bunny Tryouts, where various animals, including a cat, a lion, a pig, and even a llama, are auditioning to be the new Cadbury Rabbit. They are trying to impersonate a rabbit by wearing bunny ears, for instance, and clucking. The lion, however, gives out a loud cluck, that certainly doesn’t help him to get the role. The conclusion is that no body is more suitable to play the company’s mascot than the bunny.

“Everyone wants to be the Cadbury Bunny cause only he brings delicious Cadbury Cream Eggs, while others may keep trying. Nobunny knows Easter better than Cadbury,” the voiceover says.

At the end of the ad, Cadbury Cream Eggs, Cadbury Adams Mini Eggs and a Dairy Milk chocolate bar are seen in a basket, near the Cadbury Bunny.

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